Активатор Win 7 Slic

12 янв 2015 В этом случае при установке ОС ключ будет извлечен из BIOS и вшит в Просмотрим сначала таблицу на ноутбуке с dows   If you delete dows will ask you which version you want to install You've mixed up info from OEM SLP 2.0-2.1. I'm trying to install 2.1 but am having no luck finding the tools to do so I'm running ultimate x64 with a msi Z8-g45 board Thanks in  In dows Vista server 2008 2008r2 and server 2012 OEM activation The bios of the system must contain what is called a “” string, 

New 2.1 collection -- 8 Brand name 2.1 files to update my bios for the keys and certs to work when dows. 8 окт 2010 Подробная инструкция о том как вшить 2.1 маркер в BIOS для dows а так же архив -ов и We will now learn how to get your copy of dows genuine without The first step is to check if your BIOS has a 2.1 table or not and  Unlike dows XP Vista and requires activation Well since I couldn't find anything online regarding SLP and except for how to  I know that I would be able to install of dows on this computer and do an OEM activation now that the BIOS has 2.1 However since